Bunnies for Sale

Baby Bunnies

Mares Mini Lop Bunnies & Accessories – Our  Bunnies are normally pre ordered as I have a high demand for my gorgeous babies and vary rarely have one that is old enough to leave there and then.

Message Us with your Name and Phone Number if you are Interested in Adopting one of our gorgeous Babies

Our Christmas Wait List is now Open to customers contact us if you wish to be added 

We Do not Sell Bunnies within our online store or Freight them,You Must Pick up in Person

Purchase Price is $150.00 ea which includes first 2 vaccinations for calicivirus/K5 done at 4 & 8 weeks of age, A birth Certificate & Care Sheet

Bunnies have their nails trimmed and are also wormed Flea and mite treated with treatment for parasites and coccidiosis as a prevention This all includes Food and Hay to start you off .